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A query / A conversation with Eugene Mirman at the Thrive Project.

January 18, 2011 \pm\31 12:20 pm

Hey so I’ve been gone for about a month, and was thinking of bowing out of this here forum. But here’s what I’m thinking of starting to do at WWAATD. Last spring I finished my MFA at UMass in fiction, in year FIVE. It was then or never. My mom died in 12/08, my dog 1/10, I had a herniated disc in my neck and a car accident that left me with a concussion and broken collarbone in ’08+’09 – I somehow got involved in opening a bar/restaurant starting in ’07 (while I love the joint, DON’T DO IT!!!!!!!!!). Point is not to evoke your sympathy, just to explain that, well, I had my share of distractions while I was in grad school. I finished the damn degree before they threw me out in large part because Mom would’ve wanted me to, but my MS., a collection of fiction and nonfiction was not what I would call my best work. My committee, well, they were pretty much baffled (or even annoyed?) by most of it, and, at that wonderful “defense” thing we do, pretty much only addressed the material in general or the one traditional “story” in the bunch. I left that day thinking I’d never look at it again.  Now it’s going on a year later, and I’m ready to reconsider my “book,” and to get some feedback from strangers. Why am I telling you this? One thought is to put some of the pieces up on my site and post links asking for readers/feedback here. Would that be a legit use of this forum? Do any of y’alls wanna read, for example, a story about a guy about my age with a sick or dead mother who lost a lot of money playing poker and moves back east after years in San Francisco, for example?


That said:

Here’s something fun. A conversation between Eugene Mirman and me at The Thrive Project (see sidebar ad!) from December. We even talk about the writing process! Oh heck, I’ll embed it too:

The Thrive Project Interviews Eugene Mirman from The Thrive Project on Vimeo.

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  1. January 18, 2011 \pm\31 1:55 pm 1:55 pm

    For those of you who may not have seen previous posts about this Thrive Project of which I speak, here’s a little of what we’re about:

  2. January 18, 2011 \pm\31 6:04 pm 6:04 pm

    i appreciate you candid and am curious why you were thinking of quitting us what seems like so soon.

    i am a stranger happy to give feedback though it may be useless because i am just a person.

    don’t know how everyone else feels about it, but i wouldn’t mind a story even posted here every so often. what are the rules and who gives a fuck about them anyway if everyone feels good or feels made to think strange.

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